B For Buster Character Analysis

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B For Buster is a fictional war story about a boy named Kak who is in the air force during world war 2. After his first flight he was frightened and he wanted to quit the air force. Kak was continuously afraid about being shot out of the sky and crashing. The novel B For Buster is a strong and powerful story about a fight between Kak and all his fears and worries. In the novel B For Buster the lesson learned by Kak is courage. Kak learns courage as he overcomes many obstacles throughout the novel. Finding courage was not easy for Kak but there are many ways that he has found it.
As kak searches for a way to get out of flying in the air force he realizes that he needs to fly again tomorrow, he is forced to learn courage. One way that Kak learns courage is through the pigeoneer at the air force base. The pigeoneer was once a pilot but he refused to fly one day so they punished him by making him work with the pigeons. After Kak told Bert the pigeoneer that he does not want
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Kak decides that he is going to ask to quit the air force. Kak goes and asks the CO, his boss if he can stop flying. Kak tells the CO the truth that he is underaged to fly and he agrees to get him out of flying. The CO said “all you need to do is fly once more then I will get a replacement”. Kak is extremely worried about his last flight because earlier he saw a plane be shot down. Kak needs to get courage, this time he gets courage from himself. Kak gains courage from himself when remembering why he joined the airforce in the firs tplace. He had joined because he wanted to go home a hero. “I had seen myself going home a hero, waving the flag and selling war bonds”(p.76). Here kak is realizing that by quitting the air force he is also giving up his personal dream of finishing his 30 operations and flying barrel rolls over his home like a

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