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B.B. is most always regarded as the king of blues, and why shouldn’t he be. He started from the bottom and worked his way up in the world. From living in a broken shack on a plantation. To living it up on his bus playing over 100 concerts a year. How many other people do you know who have started from such a poor place and grew up to be a king of something? Not many right, well that’s what B.B. did. Now you might be telling yourself there are tons of success stories of people being at the very bottom and then soon being at the top of the celebrities. Well I’ll tell you people something B.B. King is a different kind of success story. He was born in 1925 when racism was still alive. Not many stars have had to overcome racism in our 21st century …show more content…
Well I would really have to say the awards they have won or been nominated for. Well B.B. has his fair share of awards and nominations. From the white house to local clubs. B.B. has won 15 awards, nominated for 8 awards and has numerus honors. Probably the best award he has won, just to give you an idea of how awesome he was would probably be either his Best male R&B Vocal Performance or his Best Rock instrumental performance. Even though it may be an award for rock and roll and not the blues, rock stems from the blues and the two are closely related. But think about it if B.B. is a prominently blues player, and his music spread over to the rock seen means that the power of his music can be noticed by genres he doesn’t even have a part with. Also while on the subject of rock and roll I wanted to let you know that B.B. has been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1987! I don’t know if you know this but to be in the rock and roll hall of fame is a huge deal! B.B. wasn’t even a predominately rock and roll player, yet he managed to be inducted into the hall of fame. That’s a crazy honor which shows just how great of a player B.B was. To continue on from Rock and Roll B.B. has also got an award from the white house called The Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2006 awarded to him on December 15 by George W. Bush. This is a huge award/honor given to very few people. For B.B. King to have this honor is, just a huge thing and gives you an idea of how he has affected so many people with his music. Not all famous musicians can say they are in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame or they have a Presidential Medal of Freedom now can

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