B Anthony Essay: The Legacy Of Susan B. Anthony

The legacy of Susan B. Anthony lies as the feminist icon,that made an impact in our daily lives. In a time of where male dominance took place the main concentration on women suffrage to the discrimination of women, Susan B. Anthony’s feminist movement opened up equal opportunities. She contributed to the society as the founder of National Woman Suffrage Association, co-established the women’s right journal: The Revolution, organized the Women’s Loyal National League, was the president of the international Woman Suffrage Alliance, and established the 19th amendment.
In May 14, 1863 , Susan B. Anthony teamed up with another woman suffragist, Elizabeth C. Stanton, and organized the first national women’s political organization called the Women’s Loyal National League. The purpose of this organization was to campaign for an amendment in the U.S. constitution to abolish slavery. In doing so it started as political organization in the US then it became the largest petition to ratify the 13th amendment. The petition demanded the congress to pass and emancipate the African race. On the behalf of the woman central committee, they held several of meetings, composing two separate petitions for the woman and men,which gathered about 100,000 signatures by
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Anthony participated in the married woman 's property act, and worked for several other rights for women such as rights of woman to divorce and abusive husband, have guardianship of children, equal working pay as a man, improve right for a married woman. Her leadership abilities impacted the married woman 's property at that was passed in 1860. It basically gave married women the right to own separate property enter into contracts in be joint guardians for their children. One of her famous quotes states, “I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and they year I take my stand.” She revealed to the female audience to be more independent as an

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