The Importance Of Aztec Rituals

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Aztec rituals are very different from your modern day religious ceremonies. I am currently on a journey to understand this culture. By using google scholar and google I was able to find sources that will allow me to better understand this culture. While reading and understanding the Aztecs, I will determine whether a source is reliable or not. In this paper I will analyze the following websites: and concerning the topic of Aztec Rituals. The article entitled Aztec Sacrifice by Mark Cartwright was not a creditable source. After researching and reading about the author, I was able to see the Mark has no credentials concerning Aztecs. According to his biography he, “Studied Ancient …show more content…
As I was reading the article, I found that there was no evidence to back up the facts that the author presented about Aztec rituals. To ensure that the site was credible, I began to look for the author and information about him or her. I found that there was no author, but there was a link that said, “Cite this source” and the information it provided informed me that the author was “” Without an author and a background about them, it is hard to name the source credible because anyone could have written the information. A negative aspect of this link is that there was no publication date nor bibliography. A reader can assume that the source is highly unreliable because there is no way to prove that the information is true without a bibliography. On the side of this site, I saw where former readers had made reports stating there were “broken links and false information on this website.” Below those reports were links to a variety social media websites, including some that are not as popular in modern day society, such as, Myspace. One reason many people may believe that this webpage is credible is due to the idea that the information came from a “textbook.” After doing some research, I found that the author linked a book that was similar to the information given to the webpage; however, none of the information from the webpage came from the book. Subsequently, I began to look at the homepage of this article and founded that the site contains “thousands of individual pages covering all aspects of U.S history. Considering that the Aztecs were from Meso-America, it is obvious to see that this website would not be a reliable source when trying to obtain knowledge about Aztec’s and their rituals. The Independence Hall Association (IHA) was founded in 1942 by a private group. The IHA owns and their mission is to

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