Azjen's Theory Of Planned Behavior Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… This theory started out back in the 1980s as Martin Fishbein’s Theory of Reasoned Action and together with Azjen adjusted it when they added the Perceived Behavioral Control portion to original theory. This theory is used to explain behavior in a variety of situations. The theory is made up of behavioral beliefs, normative beliefs, and control beliefs which are evaluated by the individual and leads to the individual’s intention which then leads to the behavior. An individual evaluates a behavior in relation to the beliefs about the behavior. Behavioral beliefs are the attitudes to which the individual has a favorable opinion of a particular behavior. The normative beliefs are how the individual perceives the societal impact of performing or not performing the behavior. The perceived behavioral control is the degree of difficulty of performing the actual behavior. After evaluating these three factors, the person either has the intent to perform the behavior or the intent to not perform the behavior. Once the intention is formed, the behavior will normally follow the intention. In this case, Ashley obviously decided that posting the pictures of herself on vacation consuming alcohol was easy to do, was within the norms of society and that there would not be any significant unfavorable opinions of these photos. She then intended to post the photos and followed through with the …show more content…
In many of these cases the Board has found that an employer's social media policy or that the termination of an employee was unlawful because the employer's action violated the employee's section 7 rights under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), 29 U.S.C. §§ 157, 158 (1947) (Hemenway, 2013).” Since section 7 of the NLRA deals with “concerted activity” which activity by two or more employees to improve the work environment, the photos of Ashely do not qualify and Ashley could have been legally terminated for her posting of the

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