Essay on Azande from an Azande Viewpoint

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The Azande from an inside perspective:
Editor’s notes: Azande culture is surprising simple in structure, or at first glance from a western perspective, it appears to be simple. This culture is very different from what Americans or even Westerners experience on a day-to-day basis. The Azande culture is hierarchal and patriarchal, and has many actions, beliefs, and superstitions that have manifested themselves out of centuries of attempts to justify natural occurrences with a logical, understandable, and believable explanation. What follows are Azande observations concerning American society.
American culture has many beliefs and activities that are completely without reason. They torture their male babies when they are born by
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(“Witchcraft, Mangu, need not be conscious; its action is understood as psychic. A witch sends out his or her "witch soul," mbisimo mangu, said to be visible at night, to consume the mbisimo pasio, "flesh soul," of the victim's organs. Witches are also believed to cause other kinds of misfortune by less clearly defined means” ( Even our nobility is not immune to attack by witchcraft, although they are more protected than the rest of us. One of the ways boys are brought into manhood is by serving the royalty, although in most cases this does not work out too well for the servant, because the royalty fears the future witchcraft of the boy. (“When an Azande Prince takes a boy to operate his oracles the boy is free to operate them until the Prince feels he has grown up, at which time the Prince has him killed to prevent him from unleashing witchcraft onto the Prince” (Evans-Pritchard).) We do have the love of family, mothers and fathers, ceremonies, music, singing, and dancing in common. Although Azande dancing in the full moon is not normally done by Americans, they do predominately dance together in the dark, male with the female in a rather indecent manner.
(“The Azande dance is performed predominantly at night during full moons. The men stand in circle moving their feel in time to the drums and swaying their bodies and heads from

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