Ay-Ay-Aye Chiquita Business Plan Essay

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Ay-ay-aye Chiquita
Ay-ay-aye Chiquita

Group Members:

Joann Beeler
Sarah Elmoheb
Francisco Olivas
Leah Boswell
Ashley Stuteville
Marisol Hernandez

Entrepreneurial Management / 8-10:20pm

I. Executive Summary

Ay-Ay-Aye Chiquita is a full service restaurant and a sport bar that deliverer’s a safe and fun environment for sports fans and family dinning. Our restaurant will provide Authentic Mexican Cuisine. Ay-Ay-Aye Chiquita has the opportunity to expand the sports bar/restaurant service industry by offering Authentic Mexican Cuisine in a fun energetic environment that all customers will enjoy. With a large Hispanic population and we are excited for this great opportunity. Visiting our competition, speaking
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We realize that our city is committed to the local sport teams and organizations and we are excited to partner with them and provide our support as part of this community. All sports fans that bring their ticket stub from a game held at the Ballpark or the Cowboy Stadium will receive an additional savings on their bill. We also will support fundraisers for local High Schools and little league sports teams in the Arlington area. Each team will have opportunities to raise money by setting up a both inside or our side of the restaurant during their allocated time slot. The hanging of sports memorabilia from The University of Texas at Arlington sports teams and participate in all campus life activities to support the main customer base, the college student.

Our well thought out leadership team is the key to executing our business plan effectively.

Marisol Hernandez (Chief Operations Officer), Leah Boswell (Director of Human Resources), Francisco Olivas (Founder and Procurement Director), Sarah Elmoheb (Chief Financial Officer), Ashley Stuteville (Chief of Information Technology) and Joann Beeler (Director of Special Events).

II. Mission Statement:
Our mission at Ay-ay-aye Chiquita is to provide the best atmosphere to our customers. To prepare the best authentic Mexican Cuisine that meets our highest standards in all aspects. To impress our customers by providing them with impeccable service, demonstrating

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