Axiata Case Study

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Axiata is one of the famous telecom companies in Asia. Have customers in large numbers in nine countries and a customer base of approximately 275 million. Axiata is alongside the best in the region in terms of technology and talent to achieve its goal of becoming the preferred provider of New Generation Telecommunications in 2020. In addition, the existence and portfolio diversification in mobile networks, digital and infrastructure communication. Axiata has offered diversity of telecommunications products and services that are constantly updated according to customer needs and technological advances. Axiata control five of the five mobile operators. Which the brand is the 'Celcom' in Malaysia, 'Dialog' in Sri Lanka, 'XL in
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It wishes to become one of the companies that in top and responsible peak in business operation. In year 2012, 'Axiata Is Digital' have been introduced by Axiata. 'Axiata Is Digital' established on purpose to intriguing and take internet-based business opportunity. In three years’ time, Digital Axiata had given where positive impact request that is increasingly increasing provide services in mobile move, adverting mobile, e-commerce, entertainment and …show more content…
The external analysis consists of a competitive force, political forces, technological forces, social cultural forces.
3.2.1 Competitive Force
Celcom’s competition very strong especially in the advertising industry both in local, national level and region. It make Celcom market leader in Malaysia. Following sales strategy is developed by their local competitors, Celcom Malaysia enhanced their competitive level, through develop many telecommunications show, providing quality services. Competition price become greater when various telecommunications company introduce various new Internet plan. Celcom have strength to keep up a product item different strategy technique from a strong market orientation, responsibility to high caliber, and customization of products item and services from other challengers company. In addition, a long term relationship with the essential providers brings about shared information of the product’s requirements. The high rate of offers, recommend a fulfilled customers base and additionally positive word which creates new business every year. By following customer's needs, Celcom try to meet needs of the customer by increase sales, upgrade the internet plan and also gives more advantage to customer that is

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