Axe Boot Ad Analysis

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The commercial advertisement that I chose is for the product Axe Anarchy. This ad was created with the purpose of selling the new aerosol deodorant called Axe Anarchy. Also, Axe wanted to introduce the product to the women’s market; since the company, until that time, had only sold products for men.
This ad reinforces gender differences. For instance, it portrays men as hardworking and, therefore, the ones making money. Men are expected to be the ones that work to support their families, whereas women are usually seen as the spenders. Thus, as it is visible in the ad, the man is wearing working gloves and is holding a grass cutting machine; whereas the woman’s outfit looks expensive. She is wearing heels and a dress, and has long hair as if she is going out. Moreover, the fact that the woman is walking the dog is striking because it conveys that they do the “easy” work, whereas the men do the hardest one. Hence, Axe’s portrayal of women diminishes their value of hard work. Therefore, women are portrayed as the spenders and even as a distraction because the woman in the ad is the one
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Moreover, the ad might not be ignoring people of color either; perhaps one of them is mixed or Hispanic. However, these untold stories could be found by creating a dialogue. Axe’s “Axe Anarchy” ad reflects the long-standing gender roles in society and the result is a reaffirmation of a long chain of stereotypes. Hence, this ad empowers white, attractive, abled, heterosexual, young men and disempowers women because it portrays the former as hardworking and, thus, the money holders whereas the latter as spenders; this situation also diminishes the abilities of women. This ad not only ignores the fact that America is a melting pot, but also, denies diversity in society (the LGBT community, the different races, disabled people and old

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