Awkward Elevator Ride Essay

An Awkward Elevator Ride
Norms are established rules of behavior or standards of conduct that prescribe limits of acceptable behavior according to the definition that you have given us. We were given an assignment that requires us to choose a norm and violate it. We had to choose between the following: Sing loudly (solo) on a UNA bus or in an elevator with strangers on it, position ourselves six inches from an acquaintance 's nose during a conversation, stand on a chair in a restaurant and recite the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance or sing the Preamble, continuously jump up and down while waiting in a check-out line at a grocery store, get into an elevator that is crowded with strangers, and after the doors close, introduce ourselves to the group, get into an elevator (with people in it) and stand with our nose against the back wall, or tie a stuffed animal onto a leash and drag it through a public place. The one I chose to do was to get into an elevator that is crowded with strangers and introduce myself. Before walking up to and stepping foot on the elevator my heart was pounding because I knew I had to get on there and do something out of the norm. I was thinking to myself the whole walk, “Should I warn anyone before talking”, “Should
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It was like I picked the worst time to violate this norm because it was a very crowded elevator ride on this particular day but I went ahead and did it because I was ready to get it out of the way. I thought to myself the more people the better outcome I would get. I had like three to four people actually respond to me. They introduced themselves and stated “It was nice to meet you.” But I also had a group of people to laugh, which I am glad they did because they made me laugh too. Hearing those people laugh about the situation made me feel a little better. But there were like two people to look at me like I was crazy. I just gave them a big smile

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