Awareness Of The Negative Effect Gender Stereotypes Essay

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Awareness of the negative effect gender stereotypes has on students is imperative for every educator because from the moment a child is born, society directs how they will act, dress, play and eat. To prevent bigoted perceptions at school, educators need to be vigilant about whether or not girls and boys are treating each other differently. The media, parental views and cultural upbringing all influence each child’s discernment of how they should behave according to their gender. When an individual attempts to defy gender norms, breaching themselves from the rigid lines of conformity, other pupils or even adults ridicule this person. If a boy wants to wear nail polish and a girl plays soccer, he or she is observed as contradicting their masculine or feminine characteristics. This is why it is important to offer children a full range of opportunities when at school (National Union of Teachers, 2013, p. 7). Presenting resources that challenge gender stereotypes teach children the value of generating an open-minded outlook on identity. Using literature as a vehicle for deconstructing stereotypes can have a significant impact on educational engagement and learning (National Union of Teachers, 2013, p. 3), positively symbolising to students that it is okay to be different. Storybooks with protagonists that oppose ‘traditional’ views of boys and girls help initiate thought-provoking discussions amongst classmates, giving them the incentive to follow their desires. Instead of…

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