Awareness Of The Crocodile And Mountain View Device Essay

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Awareness Found in the Ugliness
What our eyes fail to see is that one woman’s poison is another man’s ecstasy. So we’re constantly shoving down each other’s throats a concoction of what tastes like golden gasoline. In hopes that this slippery liquid would help set the other person free. Perhaps, if they had one sip, perhaps, they could think like me. All and all it makes no difference of your intentions righteous or evil; a lack of understanding is the destruction of all people. Wallace was a witness of the disconnect between people caused by a lack of desire to sympathize with anyone other than themselves. He successfully used the catfish and mountain view device to provoke critical thinking and entice us with an awareness of other people’s perspectives.
One device found in Wallace’s speech is defined as catfishing. This device is used by misleading the reader into thinking you agree with them, but in truth your intentions are set on proving why this way of thinking is not only incorrect, but harmful. Wallace sets up the stage nicely for this device. He goes into detail about how disgusting SUV’s and Hummers are and how the drivers of these vehicles are even more repugnant. He boasts about how the vehicles with plastered patriotic or religious bumper stickers are usually the ugliest, most selfish drivers on the road. The students are roaring in laughter. Then Wallace surprisingly says, “This is an example of how NOT to think.” By using this device, Wallace was able to…

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