English Language Learner Needs Analysis

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A. I believe for this stage I am exceeding. In my opinion I have reached accurate ability to assess the impact of my own culture and assumptions, judgment and or biases related to my own culture. I believe this to be true not only from the assignments we completed in class but also because of my own out look and view on life. I am always remembering that my views are different from those around me, and that my true culture is deeper than what is just on the surface. I believe it is important to remember to not only look at your own biases but also understand others bias’s towards your own culture. An example of this would be when we talked about white privilege in class. Many of the students in class refused to believe that they were privileged because they where white. …show more content…
The next category of rating is English learners. I would give myself the level, of Approaching. This category states that I demonstrate partial understanding of the instructional practices that meet the needs of English language learners. I chose this level because I don’t believe I can fully state that I understand all the instructional needs of English Language Learners if I have not actually taught in a classroom with English Language learners. I do understand that there are needs for theses students that are important to be met for them to succeed in the American schooling system. During this semester we watched a video one-day that shows what it is like to be a student in the American schooling system, which is an English language learner. This video showed us how the student could only decipher some of the words being said by the teacher and how everyone treated him like he was not very smart when in reality he was very smart he just had that language barrier holding him back. This was very good to see how the student in this situation actually sees the situation from his or her shoes, and to see how some, or most educational faculty do not have the resources to properly help these

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