Essay about Awareness Of A Critical Tool

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Urdang, E. (2010). Awareness of self—a critical tool. Social Work Education, 29(5), 523-538. doi:10.1080/02615470903164950 In this article titled “Awareness of Self- a Critical Tool”, the point that writer is making is that professional self is when the social worker know themselves such as their personality traits ,beliefs system, value and cultural heritage and their life experiences. In other words, professional self is the combination of the social worker personal self, what they value, and the things that they learn in school how they can apply it to their work life when they start working as a social worker. Learning about ourselves is a better way to help our self in so many different ways when we are at a work place. For instance, we can learn how to make better decisions, stop stress from coming, how to protect yourself from causing any boundaries issues. As a result, by knowing all these things we are more likely to help our clients. The author believe it is important for student who are studying social worker to know the usage of the professional self because he or she has to be awareness as a social worker in other to help his or her client with any situation; if a social worker cannot analyze his own problem, he or she is more likely to have difficulty analyzing other people problems. I find this article significant because as social student I would want to know what are the things that I am going to need to bring with me when I become a social worker so…

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