Award in Education and Training Unit 305 Task B Essay

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Award in Education and Training Unit 305 Task B – Hand Out
Assessment and Feedback Hints and Tips

There are 3 stages at which we use Assessment as part of a training course:

Initial assessment: This is where you look to assess the initial learner’s entry skills, knowledge and abilities. Initial assessment is a powerful tool to achieve a range of goals.
It allows the teacher to tailor their teaching to the groups knowledge
To ensure that the learner matches the entry criteria for the course
Identify further support that may be needed, (ESOL, numeracy and literacy etc.)

Formative assessment: Assessing while working through the training process.
Tracks learner progress
Identifies further learning needs of group and individual
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Constructive feedback should:
Be delivered promptly after the assessment, preferably immediately, to help learners reflect and have deep learning
Be a two way process, to involve the learner and get their ideas of where things went right and wrong and to assist them with the reflective process
Be motivational, feedback increases confidence and self-esteem and therefore potential attainment.
Be specific, should be about the assessment, and unbiased, without opinion and unnecessary

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