Avon Marketing Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… 28). Not only is Avon one of the most powerful and recognizable brands in the world, it also has attractive earnings opportunities for sales representatives and leading technological innovations (“Why,” 2011). The new “Hello Tomorrow” ad campaign has a new brand-marketing concept and uses celebrities to attract consumers. Avon has been very successful in adapting its product line to fit the needs of customers in foreign markets, especially in China. However, Mary Kay just recently expanded into Asia as well, selling very similar cosmetic brands. Even though Mary Kay and others competitors have managed to emulate the firm’s strategic moves without much difficulty, Avon still possesses one advantage that cannot be easily duplicated: brand loyalty (Daniels et al., 2011).
Direct selling reduces labor, marketing, and maintenance costs. These savings are passed down to Avon consumers as low prices. Avon representatives
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Other key concerns include if the firms’ other business commitments would interfere with Avon’s requirements, if competitive or complementary goods are supplied, and whether the personnel, facilities, and equipment are equipped for distribution. Gauging the firms’ potential life span as distributors and good connections with customers, assessing the histories and images as reliable businesses that can be trusted to enforce performance, ensuring quality control, and after-sales service options would also be in question (Daniels et al., 2011). The decision on where Avon should manufacture products depends on the “compatibility, configuration, coordination, and control” of its operations (Daniels et al., 2011, p.

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