Fahrenheit 451 Destruction Of Society Essay

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Avoiding the Destruction of Society

People believe that times are pretty great today, but are they really? People don’t know how to communicate with each other face to face anymore. Technology is starting to define people. People are being forced to be alike for certain situations, and censoring is shading people from some things they need to see. We are clearly headed down a dark and unforgiving path. In Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the author displays a possible society that is ultimately destroyed. This is a society where books are illegal, firefighters start fires, and people rarely spend time outside. The main character, a firefighter by the name of Guy Montag, starts to question what is in books to make them so powerful which leads him down a path that does not have a merciful ending. The story progresses as he and his wife, Mildred live in this unforgiving
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Everything done today usually offends someone if taken in the wrong context, but even books not meant to offend people are banned. This destroys their society because people know nothing about the actual history of their country. Censorship also leads to no true human conversations between people. People have nothing that is provocative to talk about, if there is no controversy in the world. It creates debate and leads to a functioning society where everyone has their own opinion on different topics. Some people might believe that censoring lets people see the good in the world and keep the bad out, but this is wrong for several reasons. Bad things happen in the world, and people need to understand and see these things to avoid a false utopia. If people think the world is perfect, and then something bad happens to them it may seem catastrophic. It is also good to see good things happen in the world, but the world can be a dark and unforgiving place sometimes, and people need to stay

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