Avoiding Cross Cultural Miscommunication Essay

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Subject: Avoiding Cross-Cultural Miscommunication

It has been brought to our attention in Human Resources that our organization will begin international business at the beginning of the new year, which is just less than five months away. There are several negative situations that can occur within our organization due to cross-cultural miscommunication. When cross-cultural communications do not translate as intended, people can take with them a complete different message which can cause costly mistakes. Sometimes the wrong choice of words will be used and can cause severe embarrassment. If our organization uses poor translators, we could experience some tragic consequences in our business (Daniels, Radebaugh, & Sullivan, 2007). I would
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If the study reveals we are not in alignment with our goals, I highly recommend that a new culture be developed and all management and employees be trained in the new adopted culture.

There are effective strategies in which our organization can adapt to the culture in our organization. According to an article on alignment and how it works an why it matters in Training Magazine, organizational alignment can only be achieved wen our strategic goals and cultural values are consistent with each other. so, if we follow my recommendation and have a study of our organizational culture and if it reveals a need for change, we can hopefully get our orgnaization headed in the same direction. This will allow our organizaion to increase our profits, our employees' job satisfaction, increase our quality of service, and our long-term success (Tosti, 2010).

Our company must be aware of the elements of other cultures, such as norms and values in order to operate profitably and successfully. If we try to operate our organization with different norms and values than our employees can adapt to, we will soon find ourselve with a possible high turnover. For example, or organization should develop a reward program for providing excellent customer service instead of the current nobody cares culture. We need to develop leaders that will shape this culture. We need to make a priority of understanding the norms and values of a desirable and

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