Essay on Average American Diet : Causing A Shorter Life Expectancy?

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Average American Diet: Causing a Shorter Life Expectancy? Most Americans are becoming overweight, even obese in this generation, all because of poor habits that have formed as a child. Being less involved as a kid leads to stagnant movement, constantly sitting at home watching television and eating junk food. If American’s cared about how they looked, they would try to break lousy eating habits. The average American’s diet is causing a shorter life expectancy because of poor food quality, incurable diseases, and a lack of cultural motivation to exercise. To begin, the quality of food is becoming worse than it ever has been. Nearly all of the food humans consume is processed in some kind of way. The technology of machines can turn raw, plants, even animals into food. There are many ways that food can be processed, mostly by: cooking, drying, fermenting, slicing, peeling and butchering (Kaplan). These techniques are the most common types, but there are much more extreme possibilities such as: pasteurizing, canning, freezing, irradiating and artificially sweetening (Kaplan). People are not used to eating organic and naturally grown food. Society is so used to consuming food that contains additives, substances injected into the food to help lower the chance of spoilage and contamination or to make food look better (Kaplan). Additives are incredibly unhealthy and add many extra calories that are unnecessary. If Americans were to try the exact same food without these additives,…

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