Avatar: Sociology and Jake Essay

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The argument that I will be talking about in my essay is how the themes inclusion, otherness and social solidarity take place in the movie avatar. All these three themes relate in many different ways to Jake and the atmosphere in the movie itself. The three philosophers that will be discussed are Durkheim, Goffman and Mead. The concepts that are used in this essay are to argue the thesis. Front stage and back stage, self, presentation of self, me and I (the diagram), social inclusion, organic solidarity, mechanical solidarity are the concepts that are argued in this essay.

The film avatar is based on a character named Jake who is paralyzed from the waist down, he agrees to be sent on a mission to a whole new different world called
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He had no self control or self conscious of falling in love with Neytiri and faced consequences with his people from earth. Lastly, the ‘generalized other’ that mead talks about in his work can also relate with the film. Jake is sent to Pandora with expectations to follow. He has to follow the rules in order to complete the mission. To generalized other is something we all look up to and try to obey. However, sometimes the situation can effect our interpretations of it. Jake falls in love with an Avatar Neytiri when he is sent on the mission. This shows that at one point Jake stops following the rules and his norms take over. Mead and his concepts can be highly influenced and indicated in the film avatar.

Durkheim one of the first philosophers that were looked at in class is the philosopher who looks at balance. Durkheim talked about social solidarity and looks at two forms, mechanical solidarity and Organic solidarity. There needs to be a balance of both. In Durkheim’s view, Mechanical solidarity is repressive laws for example; mechanical solidarity is known to be small and regulated by system of beliefs, which in other worlds can be called the common conscience. Organic solidarity looks at restitute laws. In this film both forms take place. Social solidarity is something that is shown throughout almost the whole film. The film avatar is based on a very high-regulated society. It is an advanced society and science

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