Essay on Avatar, By James Cameron

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The movie I decided to watch for my Film Review was Avatar, written and directed by James Cameron. Avatar was presented by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and in association with Dune Entertainment, Ingenious Film Partners, and Lightstorm Entertainment. Written originally in 1994, and eventually get filmed in The United States and New Zealand, James Cameron watched his script get brought to life. Avatar was just another success on Cameron’s record, following Titanic (1997) that broke all box office records and earned eleven Academy Awards. He is now married to actress, Suzy Amis, who was in his film, Titanic and known has the most sought-after directors in Hollywood.
Avatar is filled with an abundance of references to the real world and society. For example, when European’s colonized North America, Avatar shares the same story in the sense that there is one group of people trying to drive a civilization native to that land out in order to profit or benefit from its resources. This film is a unique and appealing take on the atrocities that occur and have occurred on Earth. Not only does the movie refer to colonization, it also has real references towards nature, which affects every living being on Earth. The movie concludes in an all-out war over Pandora, and is brought to an end by the nature and wild animals who choose to step up and defend their home along with the Na’vi people, all against the, what the Na’vi call, “Sky People”. With how…

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