Avatar: Args: Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Marketing

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Register to read the introduction… Avatars can allow for the truest representation of you on a particular channel of choice. Each channel can possess a different avatar and serve a different purpose. LinkedIn can be a professional portrait, Facebook can be an image of the user on vacation; depending on the norms and use of the communication channel, the user can choose the way they wish to be perceived. This can be extremely beneficial when the user has a goal mediated communication strategy.

2. Emoji’s are small depictions of icons that can transfer non-verbal emotions in small images through text. These small icons can communicate to the user the exact emotion that is being experienced and can create a more meaningful relationship between the users. Emoji’s help in providing relational meaning to conversations and can clarify and enforce lexical meaning through such animated Emoji’s as facial illustrations.

3. Avatar use can create anonymity and a degree of social presence in online support groups. Not all users wish to disclose their identify but wish to seek advice and favor synchronous communication with a feeling of homophily through shared similar experiences.
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1. Allows the customer to have a say in the renovations. Each customer who contributes to the crowdsourcing campaign can have an opportunity to suggest what he or she wishes to be preserved or what he or she wishes to be changed. This will give the customer a sense of connectivity with the store and promote greater loyalty to the brand. This connection allows for the customer to feel even more committed to the brand and are more willing to be brand ambassadors and promote the small business by word-of-mouth.

2. It is important to engage interested social media users and the online community with creativity and innovativeness. Valley Hills General Store can achieve this by staying very current on all of their social media and crowdsourcing updates. These updates can make the community feel more connected and valued. Also, if Valley Hills General Store posts intriguing questions about the community or non-branded topics can incentivize discussion and users can feel more engaged with the community and the culture of the

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