Autonomous Cars Essay

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Autonomous Cars are Better than Human Drivers
Many people believe that driverless cars will have a great impact on our society because promoting driverless cars will provide people with many more benefits than they already have. Without the benefits provided by the cars, society is a much more dangerous place with human drivers. Therefore, benefits provided by driverless cars, such as safety, cost efficiency, time efficiency, and mobility for people who do not drive prove they should be promoted more.
Driverless cars should be promoted because of the safety they provide. According to Luis E. Ferreras “Autonomous vehicles are more reliable than human drivers because their design and instrumentation perform better than human perception, leading
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“The Driverless City,” explains “Research data on driverless cars have revealed fuel savings of 20%-50%” (Ferreras 54). As time progresses and the oil prices increase, the money saved from fuel will be one of the main reasons why people will switch to autonomous vehicles. This will benefit people because it will allow them to be able to save the money, spent on gas, for something they may need. According to Alex Salkever, “The availability of driverless cars will make car ownership less attractive to tens of millions of people.” When driverless cars become readily available to the public, people will not want to spend the money for a new car if the cars are available to service anyone. Cost efficiency will be a deciding factor when choosing an autonomous vehicle. With economic conditions unstable and declining, people are always looking for ways to save money, and driverless cars will allow …show more content…
“The cars will be able to travel more closely together” reports Salkever. This will allow more vehicles to be on the road and provide greater mobility for people that may not have been on the road before. Increased highway occupancy will allow more people to be on the road at the same time. Ferreras notes “The elderly and disabled will have more transportation options” in “The Driverless City” (54). Many elderly or disabled people rely on public transportation or other people to get them to their destinations. These cars will give them an opportunity to be more independent. With the use of driverless cars, there will been a greater amount of mobility for people. The cars will allow greater numbers of cars to travel because of how close they can travel to each other, along with being able to help people who may not be able to drive, giving everyone around greater

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