Autonomous Cars Essay

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It’s date night with your significant other, your car, driving itself, heads over to your mother’s house to drop off your daughter for the evening. In the meantime, your partner and yourself are able to get dressed just in time for the cars return to take you both to those expensive dinner reservations you had scheduled weeks prior.
Or perhaps, your headed to work in the morning, briefcase, and that deadline report are in hand as you open your car door, push a simple button, and proceed to review the report while your autonomous car greets you with its Siri like voice. It then automatically turns to your favorite radio station, presents you the address of your office on a screen embedded in a digital panel in front of you, and then proceeds
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Overall, grasp the thought of how many human lives could be saved with such a technology. Reports indicate that nearly 90% of accidents would be eliminated as a result of autonomous cars, saving the United States about $190 billion a year in roadway accident procedures. Sounds to good to be true? Perhaps, however, a number of studies predict that the first autonomous vehicle for commercial use will be available for purchase as soon as …show more content…
Part III suggests an AV user’s accountability for the activities of the AV will vary depending on the amount of liberty and privacy their AV has. How a drivers interest in liberty and privacy are used or protected by an AV depends on whether the AV is a discretionary or non-discretionary and to what extent the AV is communicative with other vehicles or smart highways. This paper’s goal is to provide guidance on how the functionality of car may infringe on a driver’s liberty or privacy and the doctrines of liability that AVs will be most associated with. Part IV examines the doctrines of liability (strict liability and negligence), which, are weighed against each other for the purpose of showing how each doctrine impacts AV manufacturers and consumers. This essay suggests as well that in the future, liability is prone to transfer from owners under current common law principles, to manufacturers as a result of the vehicle relying less on the human user. Part V briefly touches on the impact that AVs may have on insurance to show how the introduction of AVs will have a wide ranging impact on many customs in

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