American Automobile Advancement

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Advancements of the Foreign Automobile Industry in American Markets
In recent decades, the automobile industry has made significant technological and manufacturing advancements, making it very competitive to gain market share. As the market shares for American manufactured vehicles have decreased, the market shares for foreign manufactured vehicles have steadily been on the rise. Foreign car manufacturers have out-competed domestic American auto powerhouses by producing higher quality vehicles in performance, environment and aesthetic categories due to their innovative thinking and groundbreaking technological advancements.
Throughout time, American car companies have experienced significant decay in market shares. Americans are not buying
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Each vehicle is crafted for quality, stylistic design, ingenuity, and unique craftsmanship. According to Keiling, a staff writer for Quoted News, “German automakers, in particular, are known for their impeccable high-performance engineering, building fast and stable cars that can go around corners at high speeds without any trouble. Foreign cars have a huge edge on American cars when it comes to handling, suspension and steering” (Keiling). Foreign cars surpass American cars in several performance-based categories. European Car companies specialize in quality, design ingenuity, and style. In particular, German automakers focus on building high-speed performance vehicles with superb handling. Foreign auto making companies in Europe are luring loyal domestic American car consumers because European car companies offer high-performance vehicles with superb style. Americans and people around the world value quality and craftsmanship in their vehicles and would prefer foreign vehicles over domestic vehicles due to quality and specialized German auto making. A 2015 Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) shows that German vehicles scored better than the industry average in long-term quality. Additionally, other German brands like Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW vehicles all reported fewer maintenance issues than the industry average. In fact, since 2000, BMW has scored better than industry average twelve times in the VDS, Porsche has scored better than the industry average in the VDS fourteen times, and Mercedes-Benz has scored better than the industry average nine times. Other foreign country auto manufacturers like Korean branded Kia and Hyundai have also continuously improved the quality of their vehicles to surpass American auto brands to match German made vehicles. Hyundai and Kia entered the U.S. auto marketplace

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