Automation Is An Industrial Robot Built By Start Up Company Rethink Robotics

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Automation it would seem from the outpouring of words on the subject, has become all things to men. To a control engineer, automation is the application of feedback principles in devices for doing work or making decisions. To a machine-tool manufacturer, automation is the use of machines in automatic production. To a producer of materials-handling equipment, automation is the use of special conveyors and similar apparatus for moving materials about a factory.To the factory executive, automation is something he must adopt to keep abreast of his competitor. To a labor leader, automation appears as a specter threatening mass unemployment. To a small business man,automation is, according to at least one advertisement, something he can acquire by purchasing a single desk calculating machine for his office. Automation today is the use of largely automatic equipment in a system of manufacturing or other production process. How does this affect us? One word: Baxter. Baxter is an industrial robot built by start-up company Rethink Robotics. As listed on their company website, “Baxter introduced in 2012 is “3-foot tall and it weighs 165 lb. without the pedestal”(Rethink Robotics 2012). It is used for simple industrial jobs such as loading, unloading, sorting, and handling of materials. Creator Rodney Brooks stated “Baxter was designed to perform the dull tasks on a production line”(Melik 2013 p.1).Its face is an animated screen that allows Baxter to express itself by making several…

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