Automatic Door Mechanism : Introduction Essay

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Automatic Door Mechanism
Introduction : We often visit, shopping malls, airports and other retail business stores, for shopping and other needs, In order to enter into the mall, or to come out, we should PUSH or PULL the door, in spite of carrying heavier shopping bags in hands, we feel uncomfortable to do so. But, this was the case earlier, now it’s all different. The technology is evolving day by day and we have come a long way in inventing a Robot to do all these sorts of things.
Are you wondering, what am I talking about? Well, let me open up. Most of the places, we could find a typical automatic sliding door which opens and closes, automatically when we pass by it. By looking at we wonder, how a door could know our presence to do so, the fact is that, these sliding doors are created which implements an automatic door mechanism.
Interesting? Would like to know how it works?
Okay let’s Try to learn how to build an automatic door mechanism Robot and also understand the concepts involved in it.
The aim of the mechanism: The aim of this mechanism is to automatically open/close the door by detecting the presence of a person entertaining or leaving the room.
Required components:
Every Robot will work based on a particular Mechanism and uses different components in order to implements that mechanism, in the same way, we use the Listed components to build this robot.
Now let’s start building this robot with a BASE. To do that, I am Picking…

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