Autoethnography Essay

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Autoethnography Outline 1. I am a Christian and a kindness shown me by one Muslim girl, Salamatu, changed my perspective on Islam as a whole. 2. Before I encountered her, I had reservations about mingling with any Muslim because I was scared of them; I thought they were all involved with terrorists somehow. I also thought and strongly believed that their faith was wrong. As an educated person, I felt really embarrassed admitting my ideology about Muslims because it made me feel shallow minded. 3. On the morning my car broke down, I walked past her in the apartment complex without greeting her, I always did that. She found me stranded on the freeway, and insisted she helped me. 4. When she offered her help I refused …show more content…
He was like mom; they always seemed unharmed by situations around them. I watched as cars passed us by, their occupants stared as they drove by. I was silly to hope that anyone would stop and offer help; of course, nobody has that time on a busy, rainy, cold Monday morning. “You should get in the car, you’re going to get soaked” I yelled, trying to scream above the droning of cars and trucks passing by. He just scoffed and looked away. After a while I gave up. I was on the phone with a towing company, about to pay money I didn’t have, when a black dodge neon pulled up behind me. I recognized her as she stepped out of her car, it was the Muslim lady from next door. We have lived next door to each other in the same apartment complex for three years and I didn’t even bother to know her name, to me she was just another Muslim. I shunned her because I feared she was involved in terrorists activities, my belief was that all Muslims are, besides, as Christian I believed anyone who did not share my faith was lost and a sinner. Although, I never publicly stated how I felt about Muslims, because I thought people would think me shallow, I would always never go near them. “Hi!!” she said heartily, “do you need any help? You know me, I live next door to you, I can give you a ride” she said

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