Laissez Faire Leadership Style

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Leadership requires many diverse attributes for effectively taking the responsibility of leading people. Leaders are an enabling force, exerting influence in others and assure they follow them. The uniqueness of leadership comprises the ability to motivate, inspire and set a good example as well as encouraging the members to achieve the organisation’s objectives in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. Being a successful leader is a never-ending process of developing, experiencing and expanding knowledge in a certain aria which may refute the allegation “leaders are born, not made” .
Leadership can be performed in a various styles and choosing the right one, in the right situation is the key element to prosperity. Some on of the styles that are going to be analysed are autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire.
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Laissez-faire leadership style gives the authority to all the members to work without supervision or control. Regular communication and highly experienced team are essentials to make this way of leading effective. Nevertheless if creativity and self determination are crucial to success, laissez-faire style can be find absolutely satisfying.
According to Steve jobs most successful campaign in the history of advertising “Think Different” his style of leadership can be defined as laissez-faire. First thing that confirmed Steve’s thinking outside the box is the title , which is grammatically incorrect . The use of different instead of differently emphasises his intention to share a message which makes people believe in the unusual side of everything. Many can describe his leadership style as arrogant and dictatorial but styles of leading can be situational and Steve Jobs was on of the people demonstrating the ability to adjust his leadership depending on a certain situation and that is what made him an extraordinary

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