Essay about Autocratic I ( Ai )

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Autocratic I (AI). The leader will use information that is immediately available to them to resolve issues (Bartol, Tein, Matthews, Sharma and Scott-Ladd, 2011, pg 326). The leader resolves the issue or makes the decision without input from group members. With regard results, the issue would likely be resolved quickly given that no consultation is required, but without such input the leader’s decision may not necessarily be the most appropriate and there would be little or no “buy-in” from the group whose endorsement may help ensure the solution is properly implemented. I suggest this style is best preserved for those perhaps emergency occasions when lack of time precludes effective group input and/or when the leader considerably doubts the value of the group’s input. It’s simply an “I’ll decide” approach that might also be appropriate when agreement between group members is most unlikely, or perhaps when the leader alone suffers the consequence of the decision. Perhaps a decision about who in the group will be the next group leader might best be determined by this style.

Autocratic II (AII). The leader will use information given by other group members to assist in making their decision. This information is gathered only in response to a question or request (Bartol, Tein, Matthews, Sharma and Scott-Ladd, 2011, pg 326). The leader will discuss the issue with the group and solicit their opinions, which he will carefully consider and take into account before making…

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