Autobiography : Philosophy And Teaching Philosophy Essay

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Autobiography / teaching philosophy I grew up in a little village about an hour and half North-East of Frankfurt, Germany. Overall I spend a total of 24 years in Germany, attending grades 1 to 13 in the local school system, while graduating high school in 2001. Shortly after, I had to follow the mandatory civil service that was in place at the time; meaning either military service or civil service for a total of 10 months. Even though I decided to attend military service, I later switched towards civil service and completed my mandatory 10 months at a local hospital. In 2005 I started an internship at a travel agency that concluded with a degree as a travel agent. After my successful internship I decided to become an Au-Pair in 2006 in the United States. After returning to Europe late 2007, I applied for US citizenship (naturalized through my American father) and returned to the US shortly after. Around 2009 I decided to go back to school and earn a degree in Physical Education. I obtain my associates degree from NOVA in 2012 and successfully transferred to George Mason University in 2013. Throughout my entire life I developed an enormous interest in sports in generaI, on a teaching as well as playing level. However I decided to not to pursue a degree in PE after graduating high school, but rather go into a different direction with becoming a travel agent. However during the same time period I started coaching soccer and fell in love with teaching kids soccer…

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