Autobiography Of High School Essay

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Tayler Walters
FYS 100

My education has been a little bit spread out in the different variety of schools I have attended. I started my adventure in a Bodhi Tree Montessori school. I started attending Bodhi Tree in Pre-school. I continued to stay at Bodhi Tree all the way through 1st grade. I was so young so I do not remember too much about the environment or the "teachings", all I really do remember was that I was in a Montessori school because my brother had a difficult time learning. The idea of a Montessori school is fantastic in the way it helps students who need a little more help and guidance than other students. In 2nd grade my parents let me make the decision to switch to a public school where most of my friends were. I remember this school was a big shift for me from my previous school. My parents got
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The summer before senior year we moved to Camden Maine. A little town that no one has ever heard of. To put in perspective my graduating class was about 100 students. Through this school, I attended a vocational school for EMT training. This school changed my view on education just a little bit. Vocational school all around are preparing students to go into real world jobs. Getting student trained for jobs they want to do. I feel as if that is how all schools should be. Taking the EMT course that I did made it so that I was ready for the real world and If I wanted to I could just go on to be an EMT and not go any further in educations. Technically I don 't have to be here today because I already have a potential career for life. In my opinion, my classes should be like that. I have had my fair share of different types of schools. All of the different types of schools have their positives and negatives. I am very thankful for the opportunities that I have been given regarding my educations. I feel that I have been very fortunate to be able to experience all of the schools I have

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