Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Essay

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Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

An autobiography is the life history of a person that is written in a book and the history is written by the same person. Autobiography mainly centers its focus on the times and life of the person writing it. The autobiography nature is very subjective and therefore the writer should be able to recall memories promptly so that incorrect and false information should be avoided. Some autobiographies are fictional whereby people write the autobiography as if it were them as seen in some novels.

Benjamin Franklin was born January 17,1706 in Boston. He attended school for only 2 years despite his passion for reading. When he was 12 years old, he
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Following Benjamin Franklins death April 17,1790, a year later, there was the publication of his autobiography and was entitled ‘’Memories De La Vie Privee” in paris, March 1791. Later on there was a translation of the same in the English version named ‘’The Private Life of the Late Benjamin Franklin” initially written by him (Franklin 58).

Benjamin Franklin was successful in his attempt to self improvement because he put so much effort in his work and put less time to leisure because he never valued leisure. The major declaration to fame was his self improvement, job ethic and moral attitude. Ben had qualities that he formed in the pursuit of perfecting his morals. He always had a book with him where he recorded on a daily basis the virtues that he did not comply with and also marked the mistakes that he made (Franklin 88). He wanted to perfect his virtues and therefore he had to follow his virtue order and when the first perfection was achieved, he knew others would be easier to achieve. He followed his daily routine although at some point he wanted to give up in his attempt claiming that the virtue order gave him so much painful interest. Benjamin had a vision for his country and therefore he was determined to achieve his goal of greatness. His natural skills in writing made him adopt a way in which he would make and therefore this made him a great businessman.

Benjamin was motivated to greatness by the fact that he came from a poor family, he

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