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Auto Liability Insurance | Auto Insurance Companies Grapevine
If you are in the market to purchase a new home, consider talking to a Box insurance agent about the liability limits on your car insurance policy. If your auto liability insurance limits are too low, your home could be at risk in the event of an accident you are held responsible for causing. If you are sued, and a judgment rendered against you, the responsibility to pay the amount of judgment in excess of your liability limits will be yours. Our agents represent one of the area’s oldest leaders in auto insurance companies in Grapevine; and are available to discuss your current auto liability coverage, and to ensure the protection of your assets. For more than 90 years, Box Insurance Agency has been one of the region’s best-known auto insurance companies in Grapevine.
Texas law requires Texas drivers to pay for the accidents they cause. Auto liability insurance can provide the coverage you need to meet some or all of your liability costs. Liability insurance pays to repair or replace the other driver 's car and other people 's medical expenses when you are at fault in an accident.
For example, if your home is worth $400,000, your auto liability limit is $60,000, and you are responsible for a $500,000 judgment, it is your responsibility to pay out of pocket the remaining $440,000. You can be forced to sell your home and turn all proceeds over to the person who sued you.
It is a frightening consideration, and one…

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