Autistic Language Development

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1) To study the language development in terms of speech of autistic children below the age of 12.
2) To study the language component of autistic children below the age of 12.

1) What are the defects of phonetics and phonological structures in the speech of autistic children?
2) What are the patterns in speech grammar and syntax of autistic children?

Language, in its broadest term, may only give a general level of understanding. Looking at another level, this research examines language development in the speech of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The components needed for language development are Phonetics and Phonology, as we are dealing with speech, as
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They prove their ability in using grammatical aspect correctly by showing their understanding in morphology regularly in their language as similar as the normal children. This shows that the acquisition of basic tense in the grammar is not completely impaired in the ASD children. Thus, the authors claimed that there are no significant differences in term of the grammar between the children with autism and normal children. In contrast, Ambridge, Bannard, and Jackson (2015) have a different argument about this matter which they encountered that there are actually some parts of grammatical impairment in among ASD children especially the higher functioning group. The ASD children tend to use more common words only for verb argument structure and they most likely use ungrammatical sentences as compared to the normal children. Therefore, they claimed that there are indeed significant differences in term of grammar aspect in language development among the ASD children and the normal …show more content…
The qualitative approach is used in order to properly distinguish the difference in the language development of autistic children. The language development of children with autism can be improvised with consistent guidance from autism specialist, therapist and speech pathologist. It is notable that the sentence structures of autistic children are less precise and less intricate. Although autistic children have a wonderful perception of tenses, yet the grammatical impairment of their language is undeniable. Autistic children are not able to develop unconstrained and natural speech sound advancement, as well as sound impersonation skills; they also create less phonetic perception and phonetic production in terms of vowel and consonant. The speech of autistic children is mainly represented by a developmental phonological process, whereas non-developmental or bizarre mistake are discovered both in children distinguished as performing beneath and within that normal range in the standardized articulation test. Thus, earning constant supports from family and friends is vital for autistic children in order for them to feel safe, confident and being adored rather than seclude them within the saved perimeter of the

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