Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Mayo Clinic Staff ) Essays

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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Many people across the world are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder, which is a disorder in the brain and causes many effects to their everyday life. Autism Spectrum Disorder is also known as Pervasive Disorder (Mayo Clinic Staff). There are two different forms of Autism Spectrum Disorder. The first form and also the most serious one is regular autism according to the autism spectrum. The second form is Asperger syndrome and is on the lower end of the autism spectrum. With early detection and intervention, many will be able to function appropriately in today’s society. There are many early sign of having Autism or even Asperger’s. Faulty perception is usually the first sign of Autism (Edwards 19). If a child does not babble, point, or make meaningful gestures before the age of one it could be a sign of autism (FactCite). Another symptom could be if a child does not speak by the age of 16 month, combine two words by two years old, or does not respond to his or her name could be a few more signs. Additional symptoms could be loss of language or social skills, poor eye contact, lack of knowledge of how to play with toys, does not smile, becomes attached to a specific toy or object, or seems to have impaired hearing. These children do not follow the same hormonal patterns of child development. Children with autism spectrum disorder are usually diagnosed by three years of age (Mental Disorders in the U.S.). You cannot just come down with autism…

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