Herty Elementary Classroom Observation

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When I arrived at Herty Elementary my first place of observation was the gymnasium. There the children of the autism class were playing a basketball game with the normally developing children. I noticed that while each student waited for their turn many were completely in their own world, and not fully focused on the game. Many of them needed a reminder that it was their turn. Despite this, they all participated in the game well during their turn.
After gym, we were able to observe the kids during music time. It was apparent that the children of the Autism class had a more difficult time with remembering the words to songs compared to the other children. This made it harder for them to participant. Therefore, many of the kids did not sing. I also noted that the entire Autism class sat in the back. I wasn 't sure if that was for a certain reason. I would have liked to have seen them integrated once again with the normally developing children and not have them sit at the back. The last room we observed was homeroom. This classrooms’ environment was calm, helpful, and very creatively detailed. There was a total of three teachers and five students. Within this classroom did observe both small and large group instruction. The large group instruction was given
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When getting instruction it took him a while to process that information and figure out what he needed to do or where he needed to go. The majority of the time he would ignore the instruction and continue with what he wanted to do. He did the best with following one-step commands. He had to be told what to do multiple times, but he always did it just at a slower pace. During story time, he had a hard time focusing his attention on the teacher and concentrating on the story. Instead, he wanted to play with his shoes. When they broke up into small groups John was able to identify numbers and solve simple addition problems when

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