Autism Is Not At The Hands Of The Parents Essay

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According to Boutot (2017) researchers as recently as the 1980s believed that the main cause of autism was the mother of the autism child. These mothers were coined with the term
“refrigerator mother” due to their lack of love and attention given to the child (p. 6). Psychologist Bernard Rimland is the reason today that we now believe autism is not at the hands of the parents. Boutot (2017) goes on to reveal that an exact caused for autism has not been identified, yet genetics has been dubbed as the leading cause of the disorder. Other feels that along with genetics, one’s environment can contribute to the disorder (p. 7). The role that the environment plays as a cause for autism, is referring to pre-, peri-, and post-natal stages. Examples include second and third trimester uterine bleeding, Rh incompatibility, hyperbilirubin enemia, and even lack of oxygen supplementation that occurred during birth (p.7). Szatmari (2003) reports that recent studies have shown a link of causes from “thalidomide induced embryopathy and anti-convulsants” that were taken during pregnancy. Vitamin deficiencies, allergies, and even toxins have also been suggested as a cause for autism, however these recent culprits do not have a large amount of research to back of the claim just yet.
While genetics has been investigated as large interest in the cause of autism, there is not a single gene that has been found the cause of autism, although nearly 5% of individuals that have been diagnosed…

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