Autism Is A Neuro Development Disorder Causing Many Problems Throughout The Growth Process

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Autism is a neuro development disorder causing many problems throughout the growth process (Adler, Dvash & Shamay-Tsoory, 2015). Some of the side effects of the brain disorder are speech impediment, social interactions with others such as being shy or overly comfortable, verbal and nonverbal communication or consistency of actions (Adler, Dvash & Shamay-Tsoory, 2015). Those who have autism are treated differently, because most people do not know how to interact and talk to someone who has autism. The general population needs to be aware of why those with autism are treated differently and what we can do to help those who have autism feel more comfortable. This topic is important because the community needs to be informed that those who have autism may have a disorder, but can still be treated like normal human beings. The research explains how those who have autism are interacting with social media, parents and how they cope with autistic children who have autism, and socializing with others. The key points the literature discusses are: friendship through social media, speech, occupational, and educational therapy, socializing, and empathy in social environments.
Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder causing social interactions, communication, and consistency of repetition to be impaired (Adler, Dvash & Shamay-Tsoory, 2015). Socializing for a member of the autistic community can hold many problems, and these problems can be social impairments, difficulties with…

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