Autism Awareness Essay

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Autism Awareness
Angi Reid Sisk
Instructor Pillar
October 24, 2011

Autism Awareness
Autism is a disability that affects thousands of children today. The causes are yet to be known but there are many theories floating around as to how children develop this disorder. More importantly than how they have gotten the diagnosis, is what can be done do to help them thrive in their educational environment. Many of these children are staring school and are faced with an entirely new set of challenges other than adjusting to life in a home setting. There are many common characteristics that children with autism exhibit; educators must be aware of these traits and understand the best way to deal with them and other needs required by the
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Autistic children can have very powerful interests and preferences that may be quite different from other students in their classroom. Sometimes distress can be caused accidentally by disrupting a student’s routine, (Powers, 2000). Unfortunately these behaviors can have a large impact on students learning process and the way that they handle themselves in a classroom. Situations or happenings that can seem insignificant to us can throw them completely off and impede their quality of learning. One reason for this is because students with autism can be insistent with routines being the same and can have obsessions with certain objects or belongings, (Turnbull and Wehmeyer, 2009).On many occasions autistic students will have a hard time with transition from their house to the school environment because of the urgency for the structured routine that they thrive on at home. This characteristic can display stereotyped behaviors such as lining up toys or objects or repetitive flapping of their bodies or toys.
Students with autism also have challenges with sensory and movement behavior. Children with these issues can react very differently to their peers and various situations in the classroom. Children facing sensory problems may not respond the same to environmental stimuli. They may not have a reaction to something that is hot in the same way that a child without sensory problems would react. On the

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