Essay on Autism And The Syndrome : Whats The Confusion?

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Autism and Aspergers Syndrome: Whats the Confusion? For many years there has been a lot of confusion between Autism and Asperger 's Syndrome mainly because Asperger 's Syndrome is on the Autism spectrum and children with either syndrome may show similar symptoms. Though they have a lot of similarities there are also some differences. For example, people with autism will usually have a delayed language development and the disorder will be able to be detected during childhood while children with Asperger 's Syndrome will have normal language development and the disorder is not detectable during childhood (High-functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome: What is the difference?).

Without a doubt, when it comes to a diagnosis for Autism or Asperger 's Syndrome the most important thing to remember is that no case of either syndrome is the same. Even though to diagnose either syndrome the same areas are tested no two cases will be the same. Doctors look at six different areas. They look at the language development in the child, their social interaction, their facial expressions when speaking, their interests in others, their attitude towards change, and lastly their motor skills and coordination. When it comes to language development if a child has Autism their language development will be delayed but, if a child has Asperger 's Syndrome it is more than likely that their language skills will develop at an average rate. Social interaction can be a challenge to a child with…

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