Authority And Ritual During The Caves Of Tepoztlan, Mexico Essay

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In this paper I will summarize “Authority and Ritual in the Caves of Tepoztlan, Mexico: Women Priestesses in Popular Religion” by Peralta. Peralta was describing the different deities and the rituals that they had, there was a contrast of time of how the rituals had change and what significant role a women played in it all. So Peralta is focusing in one region Tepoztlan. I understood that those rituals are dying out because the people that lived in there are dying out or they are becoming a new generation with another culture. Peralta states “It is worth nothing that, today, the religious practices of Tepoztlan’s indigenous peoples not only reproduce Mesoamerican precepts, but also incorporate external cultural concepts circulating in the globalizing electronic media” (Peralta, 71), what I take form this is that different cultures are combining together and making a new culture and that even if the rituals are performed it doesn’t matter, because now its of a mix culture and they are transitioning into a new culture and making new rituals. The major gods and the ones associated with rain, fertility and substances are Tlaloc, Ehecatl, Quetzalcoat, Tepoztecatl, and the yeyecatl-yeyecame. The indigenous offer the rain-invoking rituals to them. Also they believe that mountains are terrestrial deities, “Indigenous communities fervently worshipped mountains because of their function as water catchers and providers, and storm controllers” (75). They consider mountains terrestrial…

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