Authoritarian Control In Classroom Management

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How many times have we planned the perfect lesson, and can’t wait to share it with the class because you just know, it will be a huge success! The time comes to do the activity and there are a couple of disruptive students in the class that are making it difficult for the rest of the class. We have all been there! When you ask most people about classroom management, the first thing they think of is student behavior. Some might think it is just the new teachers that struggle with behavior but many experienced teachers also have student behavior issues. Students view authority different today than they did years ago (Jones & Jones, 2016, p. 284). Many veteran teachers with 20 or more years’ experience were brought up in an authoritarian home that was a highly stable, supporting environment thus authoritarian control was associated with stability (Jones & Jones, 2016, p. 284). The …show more content…
In the media segment Responding to Mildly Responsive Behavior (Classroom Management Simulation, 2016b), one student was talking and causing a distraction that affected others from learning. I chose option one which talked about the teacher moving closer to the student, and using his name in an example you were planning to use in the lesson. I chose this method because I use it in my class. It is a minor disturbance, and walking over where that student sits, usually solves the problem. What happens however, if little Johnny continues to carry on and now more students are aware of what he is doing? First and foremost, regardless if there is 5 minutes left in the class or 50 minutes, you cannot just avoid the behavior. I chose option three of giving the student a task and then moving over to him and asking him about the classroom agreement he is

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