Authoritative Parenting

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Observing a group of children, one will certainly notice a variety of characteristics and mannerisms unique to each individual child. A range of interactions will ensue, from stereotypically good behavior to negative altercations which may leave the observer questioning why and how a young, innocent child would act such a way. Although a variety of influences affect child behavior, from TV shows to diet, one of the most direct contributors to how kids act is the style in which their parents raise them. An array of opinions exist on the most effective parenting style, thus various studies have adopted the task of addressing the benefits and hindrances on children from parents who choose either the authoritarian, authoritative, or permissive …show more content…
The emotional understanding of children is encouraged by caring and compassionate parents who acknowledge the emotiveness of their children. This also increases as parents encourage a continued emotional growing and reward positive emotional progress, as often exhibited in the authoritative method of parenting. The level of affection often associated with authoritative parenting has been noted to bolster the “psychosocial development” of teenagers (Aunola et al). Uji and Masayo noted, “In examining the impact of authoritative parenting on children’s later mental health, we found that regardless of respondents’ gender, authoritative maternal and paternal parenting was beneficial to children’s later mental health.” The self-sovereignty of children in combination with correction at necessary times greatly increases a child’s ability to self-regulate emotionally and allows for a comfortable development into their own person (Uji et …show more content…
Authoritarian parents demand the most of their children, leaving them dependent on their parents for all forms of decision making and often leaving children emotionally unstable in later life stages. Permissive parenting ranks better on the emotional spectrum; however detriments children behaviorally in a different manner. On one hand, authoritarian parents control every aspect of a child’s day to day life, on the other permissive parents control almost no aspects of a child’s day to day life. LIke almost all situations, too much of something good can lead to something bad, which seems to be the case in terms of both control and freedom for children. Authoritative parenting creates a middleground between authoritarian and permissive styles, which allow children to make their own choices while still facing repercussions for what can be considered bad behavior. As the parenting style with the least amount of what one might call side effects, authoritative parenting positively influences children in both their internal and external behavioral continuums. Varieties of influences can affect how children act, but in the long run authoritative parenting style proves the best method for a happy, healthy, well-behaved

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