Authentic Leadership Skills Essay

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Some of the points she made on leadership skills was that authentic leadership is important as opposed to just being a leader. I think she made a great point because someone can’t just be a leader because they feel the need to be one, great leaders will be authentic by ensuring that they are being leaders in a way that is natural not because they feel the responsibility to be one in the situation. Authentic leaders are better equipped to deal with others and inspire others to be more effective in their work and performance. This relates to the point we spoke about in class about “knowing yourself, identifying who you are and what you stand for- be who you are.” These two points relate because authentic leaders know who they and know what their …show more content…
For example, a senior analyst can have different qualities from their supervisor/manager that are leader qualities. Being passionate about your work is important because this affects the outcome and evaluation of your work, if you are not passionate about your work then they other will see it, and other will lose respect for your work because they see you do not have drive or passion in your work. Obviously if your proud and passionate about your work this will lead the rest of the people on your team to follow your footsteps and will be passionate in their work as well, increasing their productivity overall. This relates to the point we discussed in class on the nine P’s specifically “love the work –you’re you focused on the work or the reward?” These points are both related because if your work does not display passion this will cause a significant impact on how others view your work and your effort will not be as great as opposed to being passionate about the work. You will influence others on your team to learn and enjoy their work if they see you are doing

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