Authentic Leaders And Leadership Skills Essay

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Some of the points she made on leadership skills was that authentic leadership is important as opposed to just being a leader. I think she made a great point because someone can’t just be a leader because they feel the need to be one, great leaders will be authentic by ensuring that they are being leaders in a way that is natural not because they feel the responsibility to be one in the situation. Authentic leaders are better equipped to deal with others and inspire others to be more effective in their work and performance. This relates to the point we spoke about in class about “knowing yourself, identifying who you are and what you stand for- be who you are.” These two points relate because authentic leaders know who they and know what their passion are which allows them to be effective leaders and inspire others. If they know themselves well enough to influence others than they are authentic leaders. Authentic leaders bring out their leadership in a way that is natural.
Another important point she made during her lecture was that “work for people you can learn from and admire, because once you stop learning its time to move.” I think is a great point she made because if you work people who you don’t learn from and don’t enjoy working with, it can take a toll on your performance and the productivity level of the team you are working with. On the other hand, if you work with people who you admire and view them as a mentor instead, the atmosphere when working with them will…

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