Australian National Identity : Australian Identity Essay

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Across the twentieth century historians have interpreted Australian national identity in a variety of ways, often promoting their own specific views. Here, I shall delineate and give a brief overview of how Australian national identity has been interpreted by some historians. Over the twentieth century, Australian national identity can, in general, be separated into three time periods. Firstly, during the pre-second world war period, national identity was overwhelmingly based on being British. Secondly, after this time, there emerged the idea of an Australian identity based on 'bush folklore ' as championed by the likes of Ward. However, many have criticised the ideas of such an identity as myth, arguing that the promoters of this view were actually inventing an identity which fit with their political leanings. Finally, in the post-second world war period, the British influence on Australia did wane, and with the introduction of multiculturalism as a political policy, it is said that Australia 's British identity has dissolved and that what is left is a fractured, patchwork nation, lacking any clear identity.

Australia 's national identity in the pre-second world war period was overwhelmingly British. The culture of the country was considered British, and the nation was predominantly populated by Anglo-Saxons. Australians took great pride in their British heritage. The majority of Australians considered themselves as British subjects who shared a common language and…

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