Australian History And Its Impact On Australia Essay

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Throughout history many people have sought refuge in Australia, refugees started coming to Australia in the 1970’s, when one boat came onshore. This boat arrived in Darwin in April 1976 carrying five Indochinese men (Phillips, J 2013). Another 55 boats followed in the ensuing six years (History of Australia 's refugee program, 2012). This one boat has now changed Australian history and its way of life. Vietnamese people started coming to Australia in particular after the Vietnam War that finished in 1975. Some were fleeing the communist government that had now taken control, others feared persecution due Vietnam’s involvement in the war (Cassandra. A, Pearson History 2013 pg. 270). There have been many people fleeing their home country for many reasons, coming on boats, which are often unseaworthy and overcrowded they also used any other transport they can get on to find a safer home to live (Cassandra. A, Pearson History 2013 pg. 270). Between 1975 and 1980 nearly 40 000 Vietnamese refugees and asylum seekers arrived in Australia (Cassandra. A, Pearson History 2013 pg.270). The Australian Government has tried to keep these people out of Australia, it has become a major issue for the Australian public recently as the media and politicians have been talking about it in a very negative way. By 1980 the number of refugees was estimated at 8.2 million in the world (Phillips, J 2013). In July 1947, the Australian Government entered into an agreement with the new International…

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