Australian Health Care Essay

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The Australian population currently exceeds 20 million, with most of the population located primarily in the cities and along the coast; it also spreads to rural and remote indigenous communities. The Australian Government spends in excess of 66 billion dollars per year on health care, averaging out to approx $3,300 per person. (Medicare Australia 2009)
This essay will discuss the structure of Australia’s healthcare system, known as Medicare. It will also discuss the role of the Government and Non-Government agencies, and Medicare’s strengths and weaknesses. It will also address the health and illness issues that aboriginal and people from overseas face, and also the significance of implementing best practice and quality management
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If the remaining balance was not fully covered by the Health Insurance, then there would be a ‘Gap Fee’, this would be at the patients’ expense. (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2009)
The Public Health System has much strength as well as many weaknesses.
Government services such as Medicare have many benefits. These include its availability to all Australian citizens. People who are admitted to public hospitals as public patients are covered under Medicare, and therefore receive treatment free of charge. It also allows a person to see a doctor for a consultation, have an x-ray or have pathology tests free of charge. It is very convenient and fair for all people, because the treatment given is equal to all that require it at any time. (Medicare Australia 2009)
Another strength of Medicare includes; Governments International Reciprocal Health Care Agreements. This enables people from various countries travelling to or from Australia, to be entitled to health care services if immediate treatment is required. Australia has Reciprocal Health Care Agreements with the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Malta, Italy and New Zealand. (Medicare Australia 2009)
If you are a citizen of one of these countries and whilst you are visiting Australia you suffer injury or any ill-health requiring treatment, you are entitled to: free treatment as at a public hospital as an in or out-patient, subsidised

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