Essay on Australian Culture, Landscape And People

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Musicology essay term 2 year 12
In order to depict Australian culture, landscape and people. Many Australian composers seek to have in his music a synthesis of ideas from the many cultures present in Australia. They also have in common in his music is a search for what it means to be Australian. Even among of those composers, Peter Sculthorpe particularly tends to have strong cross cultural music quotation and musical gestures made in an attempt to capture Australia’s geographical qualities. By borrowing music from indigenous culture, he efficiently expresses the music that very consciously explores the notion of Australian identity. Peter’s use of the material shows a consideration of context and musical synthesis are used to explore cultural tension between European settlers and the land. The effective use of his musicological and instrumental techniques also made impressions that Australia has spacious and beautiful landscape and great linguistic and cultural diversity. Compare to “Red centre” composed by Gavin Lockley, Kakadu is more effective depicting Australia and its culture at the time due to these facts of musical techniques of Kakadu.

In 1988, “Kakadu” is composed by Peter Sculthorpe. Demonstrates how music can serve to represent what the feeling of a place can be specifically the Kakadu National Park. The piece begins with very strong rhythmic opening that is observed as angry, violent and abrupt scene. The energising opening, constant rhythmic bongo ostinato…

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